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"Jade Buddha for Univeral Peace" in the Global Village

Jade Buddha Made a Stop-Over in Singapore (like many tourists before him) During a Worldwide Whirlwind Tour

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I have written quite a swag of things about globalizations and religions. Quite often, in the same entry. Here's another entry in that spirit (pun intended).

This jade Buddha statue is truly born in a globalized world. It has as much - if not more - associations with the West as with the East.

It was born out of a largest - 18 tonne - gem quality polar jade boulder found in North British Columbia (called itself "The Best Place on Earth". Had dropped that bold claim recently). It was carved in Chiang Rai, Thailand by a Thai sculptor. The image of the Buddha statue is based on Buddha from Bodh Gaya, India. The Buddha prototype was designed by an Aussie, Jonathon Partridge. The face was painted by a master painter from Nepal. It was consecrated in Sydney Entertainment Centre (HH Dalai Lama also had been there a number of times for public talks, which I had attended once). This statue is very much affiliated with the Tibetan temple. And this is their official website.

It had been on a world tour and had jetset to Vietnam, Australia, North America, and Europe. On it's returning trip to Asia, it makes a stop-over in Singapore between 13 and 26 Jan in Orchard Rd - the shopping mecca, just outside the Takashimaya shopping mall before heading for the next destination. Its final resting place is going to be Great Stupa of Universal Compassion in Bendigo in Melbourne, Australia. With all that travelling, no wonder it puts on a permanent smile.

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