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November 2010

Guangzhou Asian Games 2010

Head Bangingly Good Kabaddi (sounds best in its original Indian accent)

I decided to turn myself into an ostrich for a little while by watching the Guangzhou Asian Game to distract me from thinking about the unpleasant game they're playing in the Korean Peninsula and the water of Yellow Sea. With sport events of the Games beaming into 6 glorious Starhub channels, I can watch while bury my head deep in sands up to my eyeballs. I wish my harddrive has more space for the recordings (I can't watch all 6 channels at the same times unless I have 6 TV sets and 6 heads. I'm a man, I'm no good at multi-tasking. I'm a greenie, having 6 heads violates my principle. Oh, ditto for 6 TV sets).

Although the Games isn't taken place in Singapore, I'm actually got into more than the YOG. We've even got the souvenir while Atta visited her folks in Guangzhou just 2 weeks before the Games Opening of the XVI Asiad.

This is a first time I watched the Asiad. I didn't get to watch the Asian Games in Sydney. Only the Olympic Games. As it turns out, the Asian Game is an off-shoot of the Olympic Movement. The Asian Games is overseen by OCA (Olympic Council of Asia), whose president is the Kuwaiti government minister, and also a member of IOC.

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