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October 2010

Illuminati & "Mercury Rising"

The Meeting of Conspiracy Theory, Hollywood & Real Life Recruitment

In writing the "Globalization of Hollywood" series of diary entries, I did some research on conspiracy theory on the net. Conspiracy theory maybe a furtile ground for the imagination, but the net is the furtile ground for conspiracy theories. Very furtile. You can frittering all your free time away by just exploring the conspiracy theories available on the net.

I like conspircay theories very much because of how it fires my imagination. But I wouldn't call myself a conspiracy theorist. Most of the time, I just found myself debunking them. Not that conspiracies don't exist. They must! Conspiracies must exist the way there must be lifes in another planets because the namesake astronomical size of the universe and the number of planets exist (according to the Drake Equation). But it's another ball game to say that aliens have visited earth simply because there're trillion of lifes elsewhere. Conspiracies exist, but they're not anywhere as pervasive as the conspiracy theorists suggest. SETI have pointed their Big Ear radio telescope into space for decades and found only a singular blip of the Wow! signal. Could it possibly be a technical glitch? God only knows.

The whole conspiracy theory's investigation enterprise are ruined by very loose and tenuous associations that would be contrued as real links. Any kind of correlation is automatically equated with causation. The "Illuminati" Youtube video clip I watched was one such numerous example, where it suggests every organization with a logo that contains a star or circle or an eye would qualify as links to Illuminati. The mantra "Open your mind" reverberates throughout the clip. Good idea to open our mind, but wouldn't want to open it so wide that it falls out. Don't leave your crictical faculty at home especially on an internet1 joy ride when it's needed the most. One netizen commented that if you type "Illuminati" spells backwards, you will get to THE secret US government website, if you're lucky. Thus constitutes a prove that Illuminati is a secret organization that has links that tie to the above mentioned secretive US government agency.

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