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June 2010

Robocup - The Other World Cup, kicked off

Robotic Organization; Drunken Head and Sober Robot

29 °C

When I read stats that Singapore's annual tourist numbers is similar to Malaysia, and about 3 times that of Indonesia, I found it a little surprising. I had problem trying to arange an itenary for Andy when he came to Singapore for a weekend. In fact, we ended up taken him out of the country for a day to keep him busy (Diary Entry "Johor Bahru" dated 5 Oct 2009).

I was only surprise because when I thought of tourism, I had the pre-conceived notion of thinking only one type of tourism, i.e. sightseing, and that isn't much of that in Singapore. But there are many types of tourism. Medical tourism, for example, where Korea, Thailand, China and Singapore (to the lesser extent) are thriving. People go to these places because their medical regulations are much less stringent than in the West. In cases where patients in the West run out of options, or desperate, they came to these countries to seek medical care as a last resort. Stem cell medicine is one such example. In the West, it's still conducting clinical trials, and it won't be another decade or so before it's approved for treatment. Such treatments are being practiced in those countries right now. In other cases where the medical procedures are much less cutting edge, in fact, quite proven, but its low costs in some Asian countries lure face saving people from the West. Routine plastic surgery is one such example. China is having great expectation for its medical industry in the future. Very Great expectation.

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