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Getting a Hell Banknote for Chinese New Year

An Island State Encircled by Loan Sharks. My Loan Shark Saga Continues...

It's always heart warming to know that you're on someone's festive seasons cards mailing list. If that someone is a company/business, it's less flattering. What about if that someone operates in the Underworld?

Apparently, I'm in the mailing list of a loan shark. In this previous entry about my brush with the unlicensed financial lender. After that incident in Jun 2009, I said I had a gut feeling I wouldn't see the end of it. Yep. I had jinxed myself (as I often do so well).

When I checked my letter box on Chinese New Year's Eve, I got a hell banknote (aka hell money) from a loan shark. The loan shark is pretty generous with their hell money. It's denominated at 2 billion Yuans [1].

Hell banknote, issued by the Hell Bank Corporation.

In light of this hell money, the name "Underworld" is more appropriate in Singapore (or HK) than in the West. In fact, this isn't the 1st time I received the hell banknotes from them. I received it a few months ago, and I reported to the cop.

On the back of the Hell banknote contains threats from the loan shark, and contact detail.
Mr. Kulasekaran's IC number had been rubbed out to protect his privacy.

2 possible scenarios went through my head why the loan shark still sending me these threatening notes.

Scenario 1
My 1st guess would be that the former tenant - Mr. Kulasekaran - still borrows money from loan shark while using his old address - my current address. I still get his mails. He could have stolen some of his own mails today from the mail box, and use it as a proof of current address to the loan shark to borrow more money.

Scenario 2
There's another explanation after looking back at my previous police statement that I filed a few months ago. It was in fact dated only a few days after the Mid-Autumn Festival.

In my previous post I mentioned above, I was mistaken for Mr. Kulasekaran. This people aren't exactly do things in the open. And so they don't exactly getting all the correct info. So when Mr. Kulasekaran moved out, he didn't exactly inform the loan shark that he had run away with their money.

Secondly, I don't think the bunch of loan shark's administrative operations are quite as efficient as those in the typical offices. Say, after one member of the loan shark realised I'm not Mr. Kulasekaran, my record is still in their mailing database. It didn't get deleted. And so on every festive seasons, another member would send their threatening seasons greetings.

So why send these seasons threatenings during festive seasons? Bear in mind that hell money are usually burnt by Chinese as a form of offering to their beloved departed. So if you want to send money to your dead ancestors or relatives who had passed away, you simply burn some money that are issued by the Hell Bank Corporation, just like the one you see above[2].

Scare tactics are the loan sharks' bag of tricks. There's no more superstitious bunch of people than gamblers (it's almost certain that Mr. Kulasekaran is a gambler to get into debt this deep. At least in the loan shark's eyes, he's a gambler. After all, the loan sharks know their client). And there's no more worse luck than receiving hell banknote during festive seasons (especially Lunar New Year). After all, these things are received by the dead. The receiver of such inauspicious gift surely feel they're jinxed.

Fortunately, I'm not a superstitious person at all. These seasons greetings are nothing but slight annoyance to me. I could imagine any superstitious people would be quite freaked out when opening this hell banknote.

Having considering the 2 above scenarios, I didn't even bother to report this threatening note to the cop. Judging from my last police report about the previous Hell banknote, it isn't as if anything had been done and they have put a stop to it.

Once again, I took matter into my own hand. I called the number left on the note a few times, but nobody answers. So I sent them a text message and let them know the situation, and while I was at it, I also let them have it. Something along the line of some choice 4-letter words like 'debt', 'dead', 'hell', 'bank', 'note', and what-have-you. By the way, must the loan shark use the 4-letter word 'cock' in their threatening note? There's no need to be rude.

Having said that, I still haven't completely ruled the possibility that the sad sack Mr. Kulasekaran is still a victim to his gambling habit and desperately scraping money from other loan shark using his old - and

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